Our Plants

Artisan products from the heart of the Emerald Triangle

We have carefully developed our strains over the last 30 years to create the finest connoisseur cannabis.  Our plants are grown from seed, in full sun, outdoors in Humboldt County. We follow natural and regenerative organic growing principals that yield the highest quality flower. Our flower has rich flavor profiles, aromatic bouquets, and is evenly graded. Lab-tested, responsibly cultivated, and free of pesticides. 

The most overlooked, yet essential part of the entire seed-to-sale process resides in the cure – the process of drying the flower. Maintaining the proper moisture content and temperature in addition to the length of cure is crucial to obtain a smooth and flavorful smoke. Our flower is always harvested by hand and only offered to customers after the cure, once it reaches perfection.

Rattle Snake OG

THCA 26.6%, THC: 1.23%, Total CBD 0.10%

Rattlesnake OG is a proprietary Indica OG Kush grown from seed.

OG kush is most commonly identified by overpowering fuel and skunk aromas that make it unmistakably unique in a world with so many different flavor profiles. Our Rattlesnake OG is true to its roots with strong gasoline notes but also containing a complexity that reminds one of spice, pine, and a subtle citrus finish. The definition of dank. This is one of the most potent strains available and it’s THC levels are through the roof. This one isn’t for the lightweights. Potent yes but as with all our strains the ramp up is smooth , the high is pure and the finish is gentle.


Berry Nectar

THCA 13.9%, THC: 1.06%, Total CBD 0.10%

A sexy hybrid balancing Indica and Sativa. 

Soft undertones of balsa wood soak up the thick, juicy syrup of elderberries and chamomile blossoms, with an herbaceous garnish of scallions, sage, chives, rosemary, juniper and earthy pine.  Stimulating undertones of chipper cheerfulness swell beneath the peaceful and relieving glow of a soothing body buzz softly melding into syrupy pools of happy relaxation and smiles on the inside.

Scouts Honor

THCA 22.9%, THC: 0.73%, Total CBD 0.10%

Scouts Honor is Villa Paradiso’s version of the Girl Scout Cookies.  As our Rattlesnake OG is derived from the original OG Kush from here in Humboldt county we felt good about breeding it with a solid Durban Poison. Five years in we have a nice stable seed program to grow from.  

Our Scouts Honor has the classic cookie taste elements of skunky peppermint and a bit of lemon zest.  A sweet and spicy oven baked smell is unique to this strain. 
The effect is a nice balanced, well rounded high which is typical of our natural sun grown full season flower. 

Nectar 99

THCA 20.5%, THC: 1.06%, Total CBD 0.10%

Nectar 99 is most known for its incredible fruit forward taste. Strong notes of citrus and grape followed by a spiced apple and light nutty flavor round out this hybrid strain. If you breathe deep enough you can smell it’s pineapple origins and a hint at another one of its parent strains, blackberry kush.  

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