A thirty year journey

Built with an uncompromising passion to create the finest quality products. The estate has been engineered for efficiency, fully off the grid operations but without compromising quality of life or the comforts of home. 

Villa Paradiso benefits from being in the heart of the rich and unique cultivation climate of Humboldt County .  Our flower is grown in small craft batches using sustainable and regenerative practices with love and care.  With our family of  exotic and classic strains, there is something for every connoisseur.

As a founding member of the Palo Verde Appellation, Villa Paradiso is a cultivation leader, elevating cannabis to the level of luxury, connoisseur product. 

Our unique vision in cultivation has created a one-of-kind property for growing full season from seed to all natural flower.

Throughout the year, our state-of-the-art greenhouse serves as propagation nursery growing mature, sexed female plants, as well as our drying and curing facility for our annual harvest .