The Estate

Artisan products from the heart of the Emerald Triangle

Villa Paradiso is an independent estate creating the finest and most sought-after flower in the world. Located in a unique community in northern California’s Emerald Triangle, a lush 10,000 square mile swath of redwoods and rushing streams which is the heartland of the domestic cannabis cultivation. 

Much more than just a

Cannabis Farm

Villa Paradiso, a 57 acre parcel in the farthest southwest corner of Humboldt County, at the point where the three counties meet, perfectly positioned at the heart of the Emerald Triangle.  

Expect only the best

Connoisseur Products

Our elevation, south facing orientation and location along the Chamise Creek valley create the ideal growing conditions. The summer months are hot and dry during the long days but cool at night with temperature differential that create big crystalline flowers and complex terpene profiles. These unique, localized environmental conditions enhance the development of our world class flowers.

Villa Paradiso believes in organic and ecological farming. The power of our plants comes from live, heritage soil lovingly developed over decades.

The estate is a closed-loop systems for waste, power, water, and pest management. We are 99% powered by solar and hydro-electric power.

No artificial chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

We follow regenerative farming policy and erosion prevention that is fully compliant with California watershed regulations.